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LSAT Unplugged + Law School Admissions Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

LSAT Test Day Prep Q&A | LSAT Prep in the Final Weeks

LSAT Blog:


Live LSAT Test Day Prep Q&A with Steve Schwartz of LSAT Blog on What to Do Before the LSAT


Q&A timestamps:


1:00 - My LSAT Test Day Story


4:30 - how to avoid test day drop - general simulating test day conditions and avoiding nerves/anxiety


6:54 - would you recommend taking PTs the week of the exam? studying in the final week and detailed review


11:34 - how many full-length PTs should you do before Test Day


13:20 - should you review everything?


15:27 - Logic Games rule substitution questions


17:21 - how long should you take to complete each section, logical reasoning pacing strategy


22:02 - pre-exam bubbling "housekeeping" questions timed?


22:55 - what were your biggest realizations when studying


26:27 - how many questions miss and score 170+


27:55 - doing most difficult questions first?


30:07 - Reading Comp


32:58 - how internalize mistakes to avoid making them again


37:26 - 170+ study plan


38:30 - how properly review and approach RC


40:45 - should I have a plan for how many games/passages to attack


42:23 - would you recommend elimination for RC and LR


44:26 - brain is tired - how to use time remaining on a section


46:32 - when doing full PT, should you review extra section?


48:12 - is 2 months enough time to practice for a retake? how should studying be structured?


51:15 - how much time to spend reviewing per exam?


55:00 - Khan Academy LSAT Course Review


57:56 - LSAT and Law School Rolling Admissions


1:01:29 - working by q-type, do you time yourself


Here are 7 quick tips:


* Make a Test Day playlist with motivational songs and videos

* Practice mindfulness meditation

* Make sure you allow time for sleep, diet, exercise, and relaxation

* Simulate test day conditions and prepare for distractions

* Relax the day before, but...

* Pack your bag the day before

* Do a few warm-up questions before entering the test center




This is a taste of what you'll find in my LSAT checklists, which are for you if:


* you want to save time and energy

* you're worried you might forget something

* you want a better list than the one you'd create for yourself

* you want to be able to prepare stress-free

* you're getting ready for test day and want to remember everything



Get your copies here:




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